After a user completes a CSV or Excel file import, you have a few options for how to retrieve the cleaned and mapped data.

Option 1: SDK

The React and JavaScript SDKs have an onComplete event that is triggered when an import is completed. The data object contains the actual row data along with information about the completed import such as the number of rows imported. It’s important to note that there is a 10,000 row limit when using frontend callbacks.

onComplete: (data) => console.log(data)

Option 2: Webhooks & API

TableFlow can send webhooks to your application when an import has been completed. The webhook will contain the column definitions and other information about the import.

TableFlow also provides an API to retrieve import data, paginate the row data of an import, or download an import directly as a CSV.

Option 3: Admin Dashboard

The easiest way to access imported data is right within admin dashboard under the “Data” tab. Here you can download the files directly as a CSV. While this is useful for testing, you’ll likely want to use the one of the other options for production systems.

Retrieve Data