August 23, 2023

Header Row Selection

Add more control to your import flow by allowing your users to select the column headers in their files

We’re excited to announce a new feature for TableFlow! When importing CSV or Excel files, your users may sometimes have extra data at the top of their file before the actual data you want imported begins. With this new feature, you can:

  1. Choose the header row of your CSV or Excel file during the first step of the import process. This ensures more flexibility when dealing with diverse datasets.
  2. Map your columns and complete the data import once the header row is selected, just like before.

New to TableFlow?

Sign up for TableFlow cloud and check out our getting started guide to start importing CSV and Excel files from your customers.

🛠 Usage Tips:

This feature is especially helpful if your user’s files have varying structures or include meta-information in the initial rows.

If you have standardized files without extra header data or just prefer the previous behavior, you can skip the header row selection step and have the importer always choose the first row as the header by using the skipHeaderRowSelection parameter in our SDKs. This will give you the same import experience as before:

React SDK Example (docs):


JavaScript SDK Example (docs):

const importer = createTableFlowImporter({
  skipHeaderRowSelection: true,

What's Next?

We're always looking for ways for TableFlow to make your CSV and Excel imports as seamless as possible. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or if you'd like to contribute to the project, reach out through our GitHub repository.

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