September 21, 2023

TableFlow and YoBulk Join Forces

Developing the future of customer data import

We are thrilled to announce that YoBulk is joining forces with TableFlow. TableFlow and YoBulk are currently the two leading open source embeddable CSV importers on Github. By working together we’ll be able to expedite feature development and platform improvements, enabling businesses from all industries to easily onboard customer data.

The Journey So Far

Since the inception of TableFlow, our goal has been to simplify and streamline the process of CSV and Excel file import. We've made a lot of progress over the past year in building an open source platform that meets the needs of various industries and use cases. On a parallel path, YoBulk has been doing incredible work building their own platform, gaining traction and growing their community.

Why This Partnership Makes Sense

Shared Vision: Both TableFlow and YoBulk were created to bridge the gap between complex data import requirements and a user-friendly import experience. Our combined team brings in more experience, which will be useful in understanding and solving more problems our users face.

Accelerated Development: By combining our expertise and knowledge we can accelerate the pace of product development. We'll be better equipped to add new features, improvements, and capabilities that will benefit all of our users.

Strengthened Community: Working together, we have the opportunity to build a larger, developer-first community around our open source platform.

What Does This Mean for Users?

Continued Support: We understand the importance of feature parity for users on both of our platforms and have been heads-down working to migrate existing YoBulk functionality to TableFlow. We’ll reach out soon to all YoBulk Cloud users with instructions on how to migrate to TableFlow.

Expanded Resources: With the combined expertise of both teams, users can expect richer documentation, more frequent updates, and quicker resolution to any issues.

Open Source Commitment: Our commitment to open source remains a top priority. By joining forces, we’ll be able to maintain a fully-featured data import platform that is accessible to all developers, regardless of their budget.

Looking Ahead

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Together, we’re poised to make data import easier than ever for all developers and businesses. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we begin this new journey!

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