January 15, 2024

TableFlow Update January 2024

Launching browser-based CSV importer and enhanced Pro edition

Over the past few months of building TableFlow, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from the community, especially regarding how teams implement and deploy TableFlow. Today, we’re excited to announce updates to our open-source repo and company plans that will make it easier than ever to import data in your application.

TableFlow Community edition (our MIT open-source offering) will become a browser-only CSV importer that can be added to your application just by installing an NPM package. Instead of having to deploy a backend, all of the data processing will now happen in the browser. With this, we’re also renaming the repo and package to “csv-import”. 

TableFlow Pro will continue to use a backend application to handle data processing to enable more complex data import flows for larger teams at scale. We’re excited to continue adding features for different data sources, destinations, advanced transformations, and more. TableFlow Pro is offered both in the cloud (hosted by us) or can be self-deployed (hosted by you).

For those who want to continue to self-host the existing community edition, Docker images of the latest stable versions will stay available. Additionally, the code for the backend application will remain accessible for anyone wanting to fork and modify it.

With this update, we believe the solutions we’re offering are aligned more closely with what our users want. The open-source importer allows developers with straightforward use cases to avoid building their own CSV import flow. For businesses that have more complicated requirements, we can provide a more customizable, scalable solution to meet their data import needs.

Thank you!

Mitch & Eric

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